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Your Outdoor Room: How to design a garden you can live in

Your Outdoor Room: How to design a garden you can live in

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TV presenter and garden design expert Manoj Malde shows you how to create your own personal outdoor haven.

In this easy-to-follow guide, Manoj shows you how to design a garden you will want to live in. Whether you have a small rooftop, large yard, or a new-build ‘blank canvas’ – every space is unique, and this book will explain how to get the most out of your garden for you and your family. With aspirational examples and designs from real life, low-maintenance spaces and gardens for plants-people; whether you want a garden for entertaining, playing, or practising yoga, Manoj takes you on a step-by-step journey to creating your dream space. 

Find answers to the questions you 
always wanted to ask, like 'How do I design social spaces?' and ‘Can I make my yard feel bigger?' with this practical and easy-to-follow planning tool. Learn how to develop a styleintroduce zones; use pathways and screens; choose water featurescolours and materials to transform the way your garden looks and feels. This comprehensive guide includes advice on:

  • Using budget-friendly, beautiful materials;
  • Encouraging wildlife to come into your yard;
  • Making your space effortlessly sustainable;
  • Choosing the perfect plants to complement your style and space;
  • and creating a garden you and your family will love.

Discover how to design a space for entertaining, a place to relax and drink a cocktail, or an area where the family can eat, play, and spend time together. But most importantly, design a garden you can live in. Unlock the potential of 
Your Outdoor Room, no matter your experience or budget. It's never been this easy to create a space that works for you. 

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