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Sundays: A Cookbook

Sundays: A Cookbook

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Sundays: A cookbook is full of laidback food that's absolutely packed with flavour.

Sundays are special. Yes, sometimes we might feel like we're slowly dying because of the night before, yet even then, there's joy to be had in the ravenous hunger, copious carbs, and the legitimacy of binge-watching a TV show, especially if the weather is dreary. Other times, Sunday is about sharing, feasting with friends, BBQing, leisurely long lunches or brunches because it's the one day of the week when mealtimes are flexible. Or perhaps it's a Sunday reset, the self-love of a bath, book, and a big plate of greens.

'Nduja parmigiana for a crowd or miso brown butter scrambled eggs for 2; roasted garlic veggie Caesar salad and Key lime meringue pie... every recipe is designed to be irresistibly tasty and easy to make, with step-by-step tips on how to get several dishes out at the same time plus batch-cooking amazing toppings that can pep up lots of other meals.

Whichever way you Sunday, it's the perfect day for cooking and eating and feeling present – whatever mood you're in.
Recipes include:
  • Breakfast Tacos (Sunday Brunchin')
  • Harissa Fennel Rigatoni (Sunday after a Big Saturday)
  • Sicilian-Vibes Fish Stew (Sunday Slow…)
  • Pea, Feta & Hazelnut Risotto (Sunday Reset)
  • Chilli Roast Chicken with Cumin & Sumac New Potato Salad & Asparagus (Sunday Feasts)
  • Peach, Honey & Yogurt Pavlova (Sunday Sweets)
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