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My Big Pink Princess Purse (My Big Books)

My Big Pink Princess Purse (My Big Books)

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With a handheld mirror, an elegant fan, and a sapphire tiara, this novelty gift book includes hours of dress-up fun for princesses everywhere—from bestselling and Caldecott Honor artist Stephen T. Johnson!

My dearest Princess, with this key, you may open this vanity box. Inside you will find a magic mirror. Only a true princess who is filled with grace, humility, intelligence, self-confidence, and imagination will be able to see her reflection. Use it wisely! With love, your Fairy Godmother.

This beautiful and empowering interactive book brings to life a world of imaginative, educational, and dress-up fun for princesses everywhere as they learn counting, shapes, and colors with six lift-up tabs, an erasable writing slab, a removable quill pen, an elegant fan, rose-colored glasses, four scratch-and-sniff perfumes, five rings, a bracelet, a sapphire tiara, a key, and a handheld mirror.

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