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How The Sailfish Got Its Name by JT Jester

How The Sailfish Got Its Name by JT Jester

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#1 International Bestseller in TWELVE categories in US and AU. Including Ecology of Marine Life, Children's Water Books, and Sailing, in the US. Children's Marine Life Stories, Children's Australia & Oceania Fiction, Children's Australia & Oceania, Children's Boats & Ships Books, Marine Biology, Reference Readers, and Ecology of Oceans & Seas in AU.

A marine life “Fish Story” where imagination comes alive for children of all ages.

Marine life will come alive with the story of the sailfish in this adventurous children's book. Off the coast of Florida a sailor is enjoying the sea, when something unexpected happens. A strong wind blows the sail into the water.

Introducing colorful fish like the barracuda, sailfish, and jellyfish.

Your child’s imagination is encouraged with colorful illustrations which offer instant child appeal. An easy and fun read, explore this ocean “fish tail” behind how the sailfish got its name. Written by author JT Jester, who has dyslexia and wrote this story at seven years old.

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