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A Palace in Sicily

A Palace in Sicily

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  • A photographic exploration of a Baroque masterpiece, now returned to its former glory
  • The stunning restoration of the beautiful Di Lorenzo del Castelluccio palace in Sicily
  • Wonderfully evocative and full of beautiful imagery. A treat for lovers of Lampedusa's The Leopard
  • An inspiring insight into palatial interiors and gardens
  • Palace location of the film ‘Cyrano', directed by Joe Wright, and starring Peter Dinklage
  • Short video for the title here

With its sun-drenched sands and Mediterranean waters, Sicily has been a favored destination of travelers for centuries. History is alive on this island, from ancient accounts of the Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Normans; to the journals of wealthy young European men embarking on the Grand Tour. This book captures the sun-steeped aesthetic of the island, while detailing the restoration of one of its finest attractions: the Di Lorenzo del Castelluccio palace. Marquis de Castelluccio was one of the last "servals" or “leopards” of Sicily – wealthy aristocrats who flooded the island with luxury. Following his death, his home fell to ruin. A half-century later, Jean-Louis Remilleux fell in love with this dilapidated 18th-century palace and made it his mission to restore it. Unveiled for the first time in this beautifully illustrated book, the Di Lorenzo del Castelluccio palazzo is one of the finest testaments to Sicilian architecture and art. Today, lush green palm trees welcome you to the palace's imposing front façade. Frescoes, arabesques, masks, imitation marble, ceilings and wainscoting have all restored to their former glory, over decades of elaborate work. This book charts the restoration process and celebrates the astonishing end results. It contains an album's worth of photographs that capture the beauty of this palace beneath the Mediterranean sun.

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